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GRAVIS aims to develop self-reliance among rural communities, focusing especially on society's most vulnerable groups. We strive to empower  communities through innovative approaches and collective efforts. At all levels, partnerships play an important role in our work, allowing us to achieve sustained progress. Our core working areas are water, food security, livestock, healthcare, education, capacity building, and the empowerment of women, labourers, and the elderly.

Due to erratic and insufficient rainfall in the Thar Desert, drought mitigation has always been a major component of our work. We have also responded to more recent challenges, such as climate change, population dynamics, and HIV/AIDS. In all of our work, the local community plays an essential role in decisionmaking.       


GRAVIS' activities fall under the following categories: 

People's Organizations

We encourage the people of the Thar to develop our initiatives and determine the direction of our programmes. We facilitate a range of people's organizations for this purpose.


Life is very difficult for those living in the Thar Desert, and they inevitably suffer severe health problems. Accordingly, we have expanded our health education initiatives and health services every year since our first health project in 1990.

Water Security

Since the early days of the organization, we have been assisting the people of the Thar Desert to achieve water security. We use the majority of our resources to this end.

Drought Relief

During droughts, we provide short-term relief in the forms of food and livestock fodder.

Agriculture & Food Security

We work with desert communities to revive traditional and sustainable techniques for achieving food security.

Watershed Development

We organize community-based watershed programmes that focus on a wide range of issues and activities. These programmes take place in specifically earmarked areas within well-defined timeframes.


Attempting to rise above the obstacles facing rural education, we have established educational facilities in various locations, targeting a wide range of ages and social groups in rural communities.

Gender Rights

We are deeply committed to the socio-economic empowerment of women and girls in the Thar Desert. We unite women within village communities, raise their self-esteem, and give them outlets for creativity and expression.


The elderly have little hope of escaping poverty, and their situation only becomes worse as they get older, becoming increasingly plagued by chronic health problems. In July 2003, GRAVIS began working on a new initiative focusing on the empowerment of the elderly in the Thar Desert.

Livestock Development

GRAVIS is concerned with the needs of the livestock population of Thar Desert and has long been working on this issue.

Mineworkers' Rights

GRAVIS has been working with mining communities in Jodhpur and Makrana for the last ten years, advocating for the basic human rights of  mineworkers and their families.

GRAVIS believes in the reconstruction of rural communities, their institutions and their environment so that villagers have ownership and control over their future.